Could Exercise Act as a Preventative for Migraines?

Could exercise really help you prevent migraines?  I am a huge proponent of regular exercise as a prophylaxis for migraines. This has been such a “migraine reliever” in my own life.

Let’s talk about exercise for a few minutes.

According to the American Headache Society, regular exercise can reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches and migraines. It states that, “When one exercises, the body releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers. Exercise reduces stress and helps individuals to sleep at night. Stress and inadequate sleep are two migraine triggers.”

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5 Simple Migraine-Relief Tips

5 Simple Migraine-Relief Tips.
If you are a migraine sufferer, you don’t need to be told that migraines are often accompanied by nausea and/or vomiting, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to noise, along with other symptoms – and all ending with throbbing, intense pain which is generally on one side of the head. You may also experience the aura associated with migraine – like a warning signal prior to the actual migraine beginning. An aura can include flashing lights, wavy lines, tingling and visual disturbances as well as other symptoms. Some of us also have problems with the minds, such as an inability to focus and a feeling of “fuzziness.”  

Although we all have a slightly unique set of symptoms and pain levels, whatever the degree and extent of your symptoms and pain, you are fully aware of how debilitating migraines are and how they affect your lifestyle and ability to function properly. 

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A One Day Juice Cleanse [With Recipes]

One Day Juice Cleanse With Recipes. Our lives can get really busy these days. Many are working like robots, with few breaks in between. I know I often feel like that. It is like the merry-go-round of life, isn’t it, {!firstname_fix}? Sometimes it feels as if there is no getting off.

There are even a lot of people who work 7 days a week. You may have even forgotten what it’s like to have a weekend to yourself. You might have the weekend off from work, but things like chores and running children around to all their activities occupies it all. In times like these, a vacation is a blessing and a change of routine is welcome. A day spent near the river or in the woods can make all the difference.

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Autumn Is Here–Are You Suffering With Seasonal Migraines?

Autumn is here – are you suffering with seasonal migraines?
Fall is here! Ah those cooler days and nights that many of us love. Of course, autumn varies from state-to-state and country-to-country. Here in Florida, our fall consists of temperatures in the 80s. Still hot and often muggy. Still, there is also a difference in the morning temperature and as autumn progress, we have less humidity. It’s hard for us in Florida to think that some parts of the U.S. and the world are already experiencing snow – even though it’s only October. 

With the arrival of fall pretty most places are experiencing cooler temperatures, less humidity, windier days — and for some migraine sufferers, more migraines and headaches.

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3 Quick and Easy Ways to De-Bloat

3 Quick and Easy Ways to DeBloat: Do you suffer with bloating? I know if I eat particular foods, I can find myself bloating. What a miserable feeling. I know if you have this issue, you are right there with me. It’s the pits.Bloating is an abnormal general swelling which may cause abdominal pain, increased stomach growling and can at times be accompanied by gas.
This can be caused by overeating, stress and/or not chewing food properly. It’s imperative to avoid those to remain bloat free, but if you are, here are three simple home remedies to de-bloat.

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My Favorite Autumn Foods That Naturally Ground You

My Favorite Autumn Foods That Naturally Ground You

Can you believe it? Autumn has arrived. Of course, here in Florida with the continuing heat and humidity, it’s always harder to believe fall is here.

Still, Autumn has arrived, and the busy back-to-school season that’s quickly met with the hustle and bustle of the holidays is among us.  If you’re anything like me, this last part of the year flies by in a wink.

One of the beautiful things about nature is that it knows. It knows how insane this time of year gets and exactly what we need to find our way back to what we need from nature. So many grounding foods become available this season, and it’s of our highest benefit to take advantage of them. These foods can ground us and help us to re-balance when we are feeling out of control.

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Are You Familiar With the Isolation of Chronic Migraine?

Are You Familiar With the Isolation of Chronic Migraine?
Are you intimately aware of that feeling of isolation when it comes to migraines? Have you ever really thought about it before – that you feel isolated and alone when you have a migraine?

I think of the times in the past when I had such excruciating migraines and have had to forego social activities and other types of engagements. Yet, there are also family times in your own home that you can miss out on.

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Simple Ways to Plan and Prepare Meals Even When You’re Busy

Simple Ways to Plan and Prepare Meals Even When You’re Busy.
You want to eat healthier, but you’re super-busy.
You eat out several times a week because that’s what you have to do. That’s what works for you and your family (when it comes to time and convenience).
But you probably realize it’s not working great when it comes to your health and fitness goals.
You want better health. You want to eat better. You don’t want the extra calories, fast food and junk food as much anymore. And you DO want to save time and money.
I get it!
So, as a health coach, I am here to help you.

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Foods that Help with Cravings!

Foods that help with cravings…..When you think about food cravings, typically the first thing that comes to mind would be some type of junk food – something that is high in calories, low in nutrients, processed and quite unhealthy. Is that what you tend to crave when a craving kicks in? What is your go-to craving — chocolate chip cookies?  A big bowl of ice cream? For me a crave English chocolate and often lightly salted peanuts!

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Indoor Workouts You Can Do When The Weather Is Chilly

Indoor Workouts You Can Do When The Weather Is Chilly
For many areas throughout the country, during the warm summer months, nothing is as enjoyable as an outdoor run in the sunshine, taking a dip in the local pool or rolling out your yoga mat in your favorite local park. But when the Autumn breeze starts blowing and temperatures drop, we have to get creative and intentional about indoor workouts to get us through the cold months.  

Even though fall is pretty much upon us, here in Florida, it is generally at least October before it cools down enough to make outdoor activities more enjoyable! We often wish it was cooler. I think for many Floridians, we workout indoors more throughout the summer – especially in the gym, because of the extreme heat and humidity during the summer months. Others opt to run or walk much later in the evening after the sun has done down.

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What Happens When the Weather is Bad and that Bad Weather Triggers a Migraine?

What Happens When the Weather is Bad and that Bad Weather Triggers a Migraine? Recently, those of us in Florida experienced the wrath of Hurricane Irma. We survived, and are truly blessed, as are many of you in the Florida area. Even though the eye of the storm went right over us at 1:00 a.m. that morning, we were less impacted than others in Florida, and we are so grateful.

If like me, you are one of the many of us suffer at the “hands of the weather” with barometric changes, rain, humidity, etc., you know how miserable it is and how hard that type of migraine trigger can be. Do you suffer with this type of trigger? I know how concerned I was knowing that a hurricane was coming our way, that I would be adversely affected by the weather change and would end up with a migraine. Luckily for me, that did not happen. Sometimes it does and at other time, like this one, the weather doesn’t trigger a migraine.

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What Dietary Changes Can You Make for Migraine Relief Today?

What Dietary Changes Can You Make for Migraine Relief Today? I know I have shared a little of my migraine story with you before….My migraines had become so intense over the past 15 to 20 years that I felt all hope was lost. I was continually missing out on social activities and work, and I just didn’t see an end in sight. I imagine you have probably felt the same way. You are constantly worried that you won’t be able to make some type of social event or that the week will inevitably end with you having had yet another migraine attack that left you feeling fragile, depleted, and worn out. Depression isn’t far out of reach as you are ravaged with pain, and sometimes it feels no one understands.

I’ve definitely been there. It seems as if our lives will never be “normal.” We get so sick and tired of the constant pain and supposed remedies that just don’t work for us.

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Haven’t Changed Anything in Your Diet But Getting Fatter?

Haven’t Changed Anything in Your Diet But Getting Fatter? You are positive that you’re not eating more food or “junkier” food but you’re still gaining weight. I know exactly what that feels like. It has happened to me, and I know it is extremely frustrating and discouraging. You begin to wonder how on earth this can be happening to you – and why is it happening to you.

Is this possible?

Yes! You are NOT crazy!

And here’s why…..

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Do You Really Believe Migraine Relief Is Possible?

Do You Really Believe Migraine Relief Is Possible? When I first started suffering with migraines, I was 21. I had just had my first child. Since migraines “run in my family,” I guess it wasn’t surprising when I started getting them too.

When they first began, they were few and far between, and while I saw a doctor and did get some medication, at that point in time, it was more a nuisance-factor in my life. Don’t get me wrong. The pain was severe and they were miserable. I was under a doctor’s care and had to take medications fairly often. However, when I look back on where I eventually wound up, in comparison, my migraines were infrequent and more manageable during that time.

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If You Think it’s Just a Headache, You’ve Never Had a Migraine!

If you think it’s just a headache, you’ve never had a migraine. As a migraine sufferer, isn’t this what you would like to tell people who either don’t understand migraines at all, or who say they understand because they’ve experienced bad headaches themselves?

Many people know very little about migraines – and have a tendency to think Migraine is just bad headaches that comes and goes in a couple of hours. Let’s face it, we’ve probably all had that type of headache at one time or another. 

After suffering with chronic and intense migraines for many years, I remember that my husband had a bad headache associated with high blood pressure –  lots of throbbing and pain for a few hours. Afterward, he looked at me and said, “Now I know how you feel when you get a migraine!” I’m sure as a migraine sufferer you know what my “not so nice” response was to that comment! 

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How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

How to Eat Healthy While Traveling
I know – the summer is pretty much over; a lot of children are back in school. Still, for business purposes or even for an upcoming holiday weekend, you might find yourself traveling soon. Perhaps a long-awaited vacation? Business trip? Something completely different? 

No matter where you’re going, you’re probably going to appreciate some quick and easy healthy food ideas. These can help you stay on track and help you bring, and find real food. While these tips can all be used right here at home, this is extra-important when you’re traveling. Traveling can throw your regular healthy habits off when you’re skipping time zones or even just being in a different place.

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Surprising Weight Loss Strategies That Can Make Migraines Worse

Surprising weight loss strategies that can make migraines worse.
There are many obvious advantages to maintaining a healthy body weight. Sometimes as a migraine sufferer you may be a little fearful though how a specific weight loss program may affect your migraines. There are some good reasons for you to be cautious. Did you know that some of your weight loss efforts can have an adverse effect on your migraines?

Some research suggests that there is an association between Body Mass Index (BMI) and the prevalence, severity and frequency of your migraines.

If you have migraines and want to lose weight, before you commit to a special weight loss program, make sure you are doing something that is healthy and will help your migraines rather than making them worse. 

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Raw vs. Cooked – Which Contains More Vitamins and Minerals?

Raw vs. Cooked – Which Contains More Vitamins and Minerals?
Have you heard the recommendation to eat certain foods (or all foods) raw?
Do you already eat a variety of healthy foods, and want to know how to get the most vitamins and minerals out of them?
You’re probably not surprised that there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to maximizing the vitamins and minerals your body absorbs from foods.
Let me go over which types of foods are best eaten raw, and which ones are best eaten cooked to maximize their nutritional benefit.

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Can Certain Foods Make a Difference with Migraines and Headaches?

Can Certain Foods Make A Difference With Migraines and Headaches? It is probably not news to the majority of migraine sufferers that most of us are in some way affected by the foods we eat. It can get complicated – some foods we know are triggers for us, and yet on some – more rare – occasions, we can eat that same food with no reaction……go figure!

Foods most likely to trigger migraines (and even some types of headaches) include wheat, milk, cheese, chocolate, coffee, sugar, peanuts, pork and chemical additives and preservatives.

The good new is that some foods do not cause or irritate headaches or migraines, and some foods  can even help prevent or alleviate headaches and migraines.

So here’s the deal – many adults have unknown food allergies. Did you know that a high percentage of headaches – and even migraines – involve food intolerances? You have probably experienced for yourself what many migraine sufferers have also experienced – fewer headaches after eliminating foods they hadn’t even realized they were allergic to!

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5 Reasons You Bloat More After Age 45

Do you suffer from bloating? I know I have in the past – it’s a miserable feeling, isn’t it?

Bloating is generally the result of not being able to properly digest foods. These not-so-digested foods feel like they’re just sitting around causing discomfort and a general feeling of being stuffed and “gassy”.

It can happen at any age but if it seems to be more frequent as you’re getting older it can very well be because of your stomach’s reduced ability to produce enough acid for proper digestion.

Normally, when we eat cells in our stomach release more acid which is important for so many digestive processes like breaking down foods and activating enzymes. As we age this process can become less efficient and the result can feel like it’s wreaking havoc on the rest of the digestive system.

Unfortunately, this can have wide-ranging effects on all of our digestion abilities “downstream” and that can result in bloating.

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The Relaxation Effect on Migraines

The Relaxation Effect on Migraines
n previous articles, we have discussed how relaxation and meditation can be beneficial to you if you are a migraine sufferer. It helps reduce stress, takes your mind off your pain, and has an overall positive effect on your whole body.
Another mental skill that can improve your focus and give you an on-the-spot calming effect is Progressive Muscle Relaxation. Progressive muscle relaxation was developed by Edmund Jacobson in the 1920s, and been used since that time by physicians, physical therapists, counselors, psychologists, and coaches for many reasons. I actually do this type of relaxation myself and have found it to be one of the most effective for me.

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Don’t Let “Morning Migraine” Steal Your Whole Day

Don’t let morning migraine steal your whole day.
It is one of the worst things when you wake up with a migraine, isn’t it?
You went to bed perfectly fine and then – of all things – you wake up in that all too-well-known and unpredictable pain. What happened? You were fine when you went to bed.
“Morning migraine” is especially frustrating to a migraine sufferer since very often, it seems as if nothing special or specific happened during the night, or even the night before, to make this happen.
So why is this happening? Is it possible to stop this cycle you sometimes find yourself in?

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5 Weight-Loss Friendly Snacks You Will Love

5 Weight Loss Friendly Snacks You Will Love. The words “weight-loss” and “snacks” often appear in the same sentence.
But that might also bring thoughts of “tasteless,” “cardboard,” and “completely unsatisfying.”

Let me give you my best weight-loss friendly snacks that aren’t just nutritious but also delicious!
What’s my criteria you ask?
They have to be nutrient-dense whole foods where a little goes a long way; foods that contain protein and/or fiber.

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The Coconut Oil Craze – Should I Jump on the Bandwagon Too?

The Coconut Oil Craze – Should I Jump on the Bandwagon Too?

Yes you should.

Everyone seems to be talking about coconut oil these days. It’s almost as if it is a miracle cure for everything!

But if you want to know what’s really true about coconut oil,read on….

But what exactly is it about coconut oil that makes it so healthy? And which type is best?

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