Recently, I came across an article about vitamins and migraines. Many of us have heard that Riboflavin is a good, natural remedy for migraines. A recent study shows that vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid supplements have been shown to cause reduction in migraines over a period of six months. This is good news. However, finding a good quality vitamin is also very important. As I have said before, I never purchase any vitamin or supplement from a food or pharmacy chain, but always go to a natural food store to purchase.


The research went on to further state that another thing that makes people prone to migraines is a certain gene mutation or dysfunction which is caused by an increased level of homocysteine (which can reduce the levels of B6 and B12). Interesting huh?


Migraine attacks can, of course, be caused by other types of vitamin deficiencies, such as a vitamin D deficiency and low magnesium levels.


This being the case, it might well be worth asking your treating physician to run your vitamin D and B levels to see if yours are low, and then take a good supplement to see if you get relief.


I do take a good vitamin D supplement, which is actually the type I only have to take once every two weeks. I also make sure I eat a diet full of vitamins, which really helps more than any supplement.

Increasing your levels of these vitamins could make a big difference for you. Let me know if you try something like this and how the supplementation works for you.


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