The Ultimate Migraine Handbook

An Holistic Approach to Pain Relief

2nd Expanded Edition 2016

Lynne Wadsworth has personal experience with dealing with migraines.

This book explains how Lynne found relief, and how you can too.

Here are just a few of Lynne’s secrets that she’s sharing with you:

  • How to recognize migraine triggers in your life and the safeguards you can put in place to avoid future pain.
  • Eliminate expensive medications by using proven natural and holistic pain relief remedies. Experience pain relief without taking prescription drugs.
  • Discover the simple, natural strategies you can easily incorporate into your daily life that dramatically reduce your migraine symptoms. You are now in the driver’s seat of your pain management.

It’s Time to Get Relief from Your Migraines

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Your suggestions for migraines have really helped me as I haven’t had any recently. If you remember, I was getting them several times during the month.


Lynne is very motivating. She follows up with me on a regular basis to make sure I am staying on track. She is never judgmental and is always understanding. When I come to her with a difficult question, she is always willing to research the answer and get back with me. I trust Lynne explicitly. I am grateful for having her.

Jennifer F.

I am so glad I found you & love that you take the Holistic approach instead of trying to get me to take a bunch of pills! I will defintely be recommending you to friends and family and will be putting your cards in the lounge at work.

A. Begy

About the Author

Lynne Wadsworth is a graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is a Board Certified Health Coach (American Association for Drugless Practitioners)

After struggling for many years herself with migraine headaches, often experiencing them 5-7 times per week, she found a natural, holistic approach to migraine treatment that has revolutionized her life.

Lynne is passionate about helping others find the benefits she has found through this approach to migraines. She can empathize with her clients and readers, having been in the same situation herself.

Lynne’s passion is to see people live a healthy lifestyle, which, through natural means, can help them find relief from the pain and emotional suffering of migraine headaches.

Originally from England, she has made her home in Florida, where she currently resides with her family. Her hope is that you will find the same life-change she has found through natural and holistic remedies and practices, so that you can enjoy your life the fullest.

Lynne’s Ultimate Migraine Handbook

$8.97 $4.97 (ebook) or $11.77 $5 + shipping (paperback)

Purchase the Kindle version HERE.