How has your week been? For that matter, how has the weather been where you live? Here in Florida, we started the end of last week with a barometric pressure change followed by a week of rain and storms. Since for me, barometric changes are pretty much the only thing that triggers a migraine for me, the beginning of the storm woke me up on and off during the night, feeling headachy (sure you know that feeling) followed by a lower intensity migraine, plus feeling just plain yucky throughout the day. Luckily, my migraines no longer have the intensity they used to have with the natural remedies I use, so I was able to go about my day, but I sure felt lousy all day.

This week there have been tornadoes around the country, storms and lots of rain in various places.

Did you know that one of the most common migraine trigger is the weather? Studies have shown that 75% of migraine sufferers have migraines that are triggered by changes in the atmospheric pressure. If that is you, just what can you do about migraines that are triggered by fluctuations in the barometric pressure?

Stay hydrated. It is essential that you keep drinking water and hydrating. This should be a daily habit anyway for migraine sufferers.

Invest in a barometer. I have heard that the Ambient Weather Barometer is a good one (available on Amazon). The advantage of having a barometer on your work desk or in your home is that it gives you a visual “heads-up” to the barometric changes coming your way.

Stay Inside. I know that doesn’t sound like much fun, and it won’t prevent the triggering of a migraine in some instances, but if you are having extreme temperatures, high humidity or the sun is particularly bright, it is better to stay indoors and avoid the migraine trigger.

Check your glasses. As you are probably aware, even indoors, if you are exposed to fluorescent lights or particularly bright lights, this could trigger a migraine. You can block that indoor light and sun glare with “migraine glasses.” These are made with a tint called FL-41 from TheraSpecs or Axon Optics. These can be worn anywhere and they might help you prevent your next migraine.

Be prepared for the unexpected. There is a new feature on called “The Migraine Forecast,” and a similar one on called “Aches and Pains Forecast.” I have heard that the Migraine Forecast can be very accurate. Check it out – it might be another resource for you to avoid your next migraine.

Limit triggers. Once you know that a storm is on the way or you are in the midst of a storm, what you need to do is limit your exposure to any other migraine triggers you might have. For example, avoid stress, make sure you get adequate sleep and stay away from foods which are known migraine triggers for you. You should fit in a regular exercise routine and take advantage of that stress and headache reducer.

Monitor the weather. I have heard recently of an app called “A Barometer for iPhone” which will read the pressure exactly where you live. It’s not like weather apps which predict weather in the surrounding area, but this is specific to your location.

Take some magnesium. I try to be aware of the weather and the incoming pressure changes – although it’s not always possible. However, when I know a pressure front is coming through, I take an extra magnesium tablet. It does help to ward off a migraine.

Next time a weather change comes your way, take note of your migraines and see if you can start predicting weather patterns! In the long-run, this can help you avoid your next migraine, or at least help you to set up some protocols to help you maneuver around these types of migraine triggers. Keeping a migraine diary /journal can help you see the patterns you have that trigger a migraine for you.

I can help you identify the underlying cause of your migraines and get you on the right treatment plan. So don’t be another migraine statistic this year!


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