For many areas throughout the country, during the warm summer months, nothing is as enjoyable as an outdoor run in the sunshine, taking a dip in the local pool or rolling out your yoga mat in your favorite local park. But when the Autumn breeze starts blowing and temperatures drop, we have to get creative and intentional about indoor workouts to get us through the cold months.  

Even though fall is pretty much upon us, here in Florida, it is generally at least October before it cools down enough to make outdoor activities more enjoyable! We often wish it was cooler. I think for many Floridians, we workout indoors more throughout the summer – especially in the gym, because of the extreme heat and humidity during the summer months. Others opt to run or walk much later in the evening after the sun has done down.

If you are in a part of the country or world where it is already feeling like Autumn and it the weather is definitely getting chilly, I want to share some ideas with you so that you don’t give up on your healthy lifestyle. However, if you live in the warmer climate, like the west coast or Florida, where we still have lots of hot days left, you may still want to workout indoors as much as possible – just waiting for cooler weather to roll in so that we can enjoy the outdoors!

So, depending on where you live in the world, you may still have a bit of time left for outdoor workouts before it’s too cold.  But for those of you who are ready to start your indoor workouts, let’s go over some ideas!

HIIT workouts

If you don’t want to commit to a gym membership, or you simply prefer working out at home as opposed to a gym, then you can always use your own home as a private fitness studio. There are plenty of HIIT workouts available on the internet that only require little time and little space. You could get away with working out a couple of times a week with sessions of 15 to 30 minutes. This is perfect when you are short on time but still want to see results.

Hit up the gym

For those of you who do live near a gym and prefer that atmosphere, it might be wise to get a gym membership for this part of the year. In the gym, the temperature is always right, you can replace running outside with running on a treadmill, take a yoga class, or you could work on your strength training. There are a lot of possibilities in the gym, and you can constantly switch up your workout without getting bored.

Visit the local indoor pool

If there is an indoor pool near where you live, you may want to pay it some visits in the colder months to come. Swimming is easy on the joints while still working your muscles and raising your heart rate.  So, if your knees are sore from hitting the pavement one too many times, then swimming can be great to still be in good shape with a well-rested body when spring rolls around again.

Use YouTube to your advantage

One of my favorite things about YouTube is the availability of free workouts. You can find pretty much find any workout on YouTube — yoga, Pilates, dance routine exercises, etc.  It’s a limitless option, so you’re sure to find a workout that suits you!  

Work on picking one of these options and sticking with it.  The weather doesn’t have to undermine your fitness habits — it’s usually as simple as making a small adjustment, such as this. I love to walk briskly or jog, but here in Florida, this is something I do indoors on my treadmill. It may not be as much food as being outdoors, but with the heat and humidity here, it is the best option for me.  When it cools down though,l I will be outside, making the most of the Autumn breezes which, here in Florida, make it a pleasure to be outside exercising.

What is your favorite at-home workout routine to do?  Comment below and tell me. I’m always looking for new ideas!  

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