It’s that time of year when in some areas of the world, Mother Nature “takes a rest” and settles in for a long winter nap! Not so much in other parts of the world, such as my little corner here in Florida, where, apart from a couple of months of cold, we still experience the blossoming of flowers, the beauty of the trees, and the warmth of the more tropical climate. Don’ get me wrong. When we get cold it can be very cold at night and into the 20s. 

When this time of year arrives, we turn to the busyness and frenzy of the upcoming holidays. Our calendars fill up with holiday festivities and full days getting ready for the visits and celebrations with family and friends. It can be exhausting with all the preparations – and our minds go into overload as our thoughts churn over with the many things we have to get done.

While all the fun and festive can, in theory, be wonderful, often in the background lurks that dreaded, additional STRESS! Scientifically, it has been shown that stress, if experienced for long periods of time, can be very damaging to our health and well-being. While this might seem like a depressing thought, let’s focus on the positive, and think about about some ways you can deal with stress so that you can make it through the holidays and get an energetic start to the New Year. Check out my blog on relaxation techniques to help you out this season, by simply clicking the picture below.

Do the Holidays Stress You Out?

Don’t go through the holidays exhausted and meeting yourself coming and going. Don’t let yourself be miserable, fatigued and sleepless!
Learn some simple ways to stress less so you can be energized, happy and enjoy the holiday season.

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