The topic of this blog is “6 Healthy Ways to Detox and Get Rid of Bloating.”  Greetings from sunny Florida. I hope you are having a great week and month. I am having a great week. Excited about a new program which I have just completed: Six Weeks to a Slimmer More Energetic You.”  There is some awesome content in there and information that will most definitely help you “lose weight and feel great.”

Switching gears though, this week, I wanted to continue on the theme of detoxing, and share with you, six healthy ways for you to detox your body and get rid of the bloat.
Winter, with its cold weather and unpredictable fronts, provides plenty of excuses for us not to keep up with exercise and healthy eating. As a result, our waistlines expand, and we find we can’t fit into those spring and summer clothes any more. Still, with winter for the most part being behind us, and now “spring has sprung,” with the anticipation of better weather, longer days and nights, it is time to get out there and get inspired and determined to get back on track. It’s time to renew your intentions, and even jump into a gentle reboot to help you detox from winter and get ready for spring and summer.
Here are some simple things you can do to reset from winter, and spring ahead:
1. Greet your morning with warm water and lemon juice.
This easy fix jump-starts your digestion, is a great source of vitamin C, and helps balance pH levels. An added bonus — it supports detoxification in your liver. It’s a great all-round cleanser for our systems.
2. Drink a green smoothie for breakfast.
As I have mentioned many times, my breakfast routine is to have a green smoothie. It keeps me energized and full all morning and is full of good vitamins and nutrients. I have to admit that at times when it got really cold during the winter months, it was hard to face a cold smoothie, but for the most part, I have managed to stay consistent. However, now the warmer weather is here, don’t give in to the excuses — get going with a wonderful green smoothie breakfast drink. This will let your digestive system rest from its usual routine of chewing and digesting. Follow your warm lemon water with a breakfast of this healthy smoothie regimen and your digestive tract will thank you for it. 
3. Keep drinking throughout the day.
Make a serious commitment to hydrate all day long, every day. It is my recommendation to drink at least one full liter before noon.  I have found this really helps to make drinking later throughout the day not feel so daunting. You can perk up your water by adding something like cucumber, orange slices, or strawberries if you want to change it up, or just don’t care for plain water.
4. Sweat it out.
In my detox program, I talk a little about this. While a sauna is relaxing,  it also helps detoxify, improve circulation, and lower blood pressure. So not only do you have the health and detox benefits, but it feels great.
5. Get moving.
Exercise is the “fast track” to feeling better. Enjoy the outdoors now that spring is here. Try a daily run or walk, or get yourself to a yoga class which emphasizes the positions and twists that are extra detox points. You could even go spinning, kayaking, or get into some dance cardio program. Whatever you choose, try to do what you enjoy the most. Doing that is so much more motivating, and you are much more likely to stick with it. Just get moving.
6. Eat foods that fight the bloat.
Bloating may be one of the reasons your pants are still feeling a little tight coming out of winter. Try overcoming that with something that will fight the bloat — like dandelion tea, adding asparagus to your dinner, and using parsley to top your meals.
When you have started putting these six things into your routine, just remember that what is left behind from the winter months is just that — in the past!  Remember, setbacks happen. It’s part of being human to fall — but then we get back up again. So the lesson here is not to focus on the less healthy habits you had over the winter months, but instead, show yourself some love and forgiveness and focus on healthy routines. You will soon be back on track and moving forward. Here’s to your healthy start to spring!
If you want to do more than add these few things into your routine, why not start a short 14-day detox with me. This will help you get back on track with the right foods to help you totally detox, while adding some of the things mentioned above into your daily routine. You will learn more about the food allergies or food sensitivities you have, and you will experience great relief from inflammation and auto-immune issues, as well as leaving headaches behind. You will begin to feel energized and full of life again, and even sleep better. This is a great way to detox —  and guess what? You don’t have to feel hungry to detox. This detox package is packed with wonderfully nutritious foods that keep you feel balanced, energetic and full throughout the day, while still allowing for weight loss. It also incorporates some ideas for great exercise routines. Join me on this  14-day detox journey today.  TOTAL BODY RECHARGE SIGN UP