Are you done with endless migraines keeping you hidden away from the life you know is waiting?

I’ve been there – and I know that you CAN get your life back in less than 30 days

I’m SO thrilled to announce…

The 4-Weeks to Natural Migraine Relief Course

I’m sure you’ve heard all it before and didn’t believe it – but I’m here to tell you that you CAN stop migraine pain before it even begins!


If you’re anything like I was, I’m sure you’re sick and tired of living with migraines – endlessly waiting for medications to kick in, living in dread of when the next one will hit, worried about getting addicted to painkillers…

That was me. To a ‘T.’

And I’m here to assure you that you’re in the right place.

But right now I invite you to STOP!

… take a deep breath. 

For just one moment, close your eyes and imagine what your life would look like if you could be released from the ongoing struggle and frustration of migraines – and from that so often indescribable agony that leaves not a single aspect of your life unaffected.

More time enjoying your children. More uninterrupted work time. Fewer sick days. No more missing family events because you’re hidden away in the dark to keep the pain at bay.

In short, you’ve got your life back. Can you see it? I know it’s difficult from where you sit currently – I remember that feeling of hopelessness so clearly, resigned to dealing with this pain for the rest of my life.

But through hundreds of hours of research, experimentation and ‘stick-to-it-iveness’, I discovered something…

… that there really is a solution.

During my own journey with migraines, it became very clear that there were certain resources, practices, and ideas that really helped me, and others that were, quite frankly, a complete waste of time and energy. It took hundreds of hours of dredging through medical journals, nutrition texts, and personal experiences; expensive professional training; and trial and error, But eventually, I narrowed it down to four key elements that need to be in place for anyone  to find the relief I did:

Simple strategies – nothing overly complicated, or requiring a bunch of pills or expensive supplements.

Someone with experience who is on your side – basically, a friendly guide who has BEEN THERE and knows what works (and more importantly, what doesn’t).

Unique resources in the form of journals, guides, recipes, etc. that help to root out hidden migraine triggers.

And most importantly…

 The support and encouragement of others who know EXACTLY how it feels (unlike – as much as we adore and appreciate them – friends and family who really can’t understand what we’re going through).

With the right friendly and knowledgeable guidance, it really IS possible to find relief. Sure you could spend the hundreds of hours that I did trying to figure it all out on your own, but I’m willing to bet that you’d appreciate relief sooner rather than later. If that’s the case…

You simply need to make the first move.

Once I figured out that there were indeed a number of easy-to-implement solutions for migraine pain that WORK, I began to notice just how many people were REALLY suffering… and I just couldn’t sit back any longer. Not when I’d learned so much and had so much success with my own pain. So I decided to do something – I put my pen to paper (or keyboard to computer) and… 

…I poured all of my experience into an affordable, 4-week, work-at-your-own-pace course where I share everything I know about natural migraine relief to help you:

  • find efficient (and effective) ways of discovering exactly what you need to take control of your migraines (instead of your migraines controlling you)
  • identify your own unique migraine triggers
  • figure out how to stop the migraine before it begins
  • decrease the frequency and severity of your migraines by making some very simple but life-changing adjustments
  • get back to living your life!
“I want to thank you for taking the time to help me. You have been a wealth of knowledge when it has come to helping with my migraines. Your suggestions have really helped as I haven’t had any migraines recently. If you remember I was getting them several times during the month. The doTERRA oils you recommended have really helped as well as watching what I put in my body like you suggested. I am so glad that I found you and love that you take the Holistic approach instead of trying to get me to take a bunch of pills! I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family and will be putting your cards in the teacher’s lounge at school. Thank you for all that you have done.”

Amanda (Program Participant)

So, why trust me? Because I’ve been exactly where you are…

I’m Lynne Wadsworth, owner and founder of Holistic Health & Wellness, LLC, and author of “Conquering Migraines”, and “The Ultimate Migraine Handbook: An Holistic Approach to Pain Relief”. At one point in my life, I suffered with migraines – terribly.

When I embarked on my journey to find relief, I discovered that solutions are NOT one size fits all. So what I do is to help you pinpoint some of your own personal triggers so that together, we can create a prevention and management plan to help you live a more pain-free life. I’ve been down the road of preventative medications that just didn’t work. I’ve been addicted to pain-relieving narcotics. I’ve experienced the rebound headache effect, making my migraines worse. I’ve woken up daily with pain and missed out on so much with my own family, social life and work.

I finally found my roadmap to pain relief without the narcotics. In short, I found freedom! I am now on a mission to share what I’ve learned to help you find the same freedom I have found. During this ground-breaking natural relief program, I will walk you through the process of becoming your own health “detective” and advocate. You will understand your own migraine triggers, your symptoms, and the solutions. I look forward to helping you find relief!

Lynne Wadsworth, CHC
AADP Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Certified Wellness Cooking Instructor
Certified GetFit21 Coach
Holistic Health & Wellness, LLC

Here are the modules included in the 4-Weeks to Natural Migraine Relief Course:

Module 1: Migraine Triggers/Stress Induced Migraines

Many people don’t even know what triggers their migraines. That can be a huge reason why people are stuck in that cycle of migraine pain, never truly being able to break that cycle. There are a lot of migraine triggers, and we will dive into migraine triggers such as rebound headaches, stress, food, weather, stress, sleep, dehydration and more. Once you have a handle on your own triggers, you are “half-way” there to breaking the migraine cycle. I will teach you how to recognize your triggers and find solutions.

Module 2: Not All Migraine Symptoms Are Equal

Did you know that there are different types of migraines? What kind of migraine do you have? Just like migraine triggers being unique to different people, migraine symptoms can also vary from person to person. Do you experience nausea with your migraines? Are you affected by lights, smells or sounds? Are you ready to dive into ways you can understand your unique migraine symptoms and health needs that will help you to recognize when your body is telling you that a migraine is imminent?

Module 3: What Kind of Natural Solutions Can Bring Relief?

In this module, we will dive into the different natural and holistic solutions you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle that will bring relief. It’s not just about what medicine you can take to bring relief, but there are alternative solutions that you can use that can have a dramatic effect on your migraines. Did you know that there are different herbs and natural supplements as well as many other techniques that can being about a dramatic difference to your pain and to the prevention of migraines? You may have tried some of them before without much success but different people react differently to different natural methods. We will find out what works for you and offer some valuable alternatives to help you find the relief and migraine-free existence you deserve.

Module 4: The Effect of Diet and How to Live With Your New-Found Freedom

In this last module, we dig deep into your dietary issues and how food sensitivities and your own personal eating habits can be greatly contributing to your migraine patters and how a few changes can drastically change your life for the better. As a special bonus, I will be including a 5-day simple dietary program that will greatly enhance your healing and teach you how you can eat without triggering migraines, and yet enjoy some delicious tasting food.  We will wrap up with ideas on how you can take care of yourself and enjoy your new-found freedom from the pain that has wreaked havoc in your life for so long.

“Lynne has done a wonderful job helping me with migraines. She’s caring and gave me the tools I need to be successful.”

Karen Pattock

Isn’t it time to finally break free?

At this point you probably feel that your obstacles to healing from migraines are insurmountable. I am here to tell you that no matter how impossible the situation feels, healing IS possible. I have seen it in my own life and believe you can experience it as well. Your body is designed to heal itself. Sometimes we just need an added boost of love, attention and energy to make the difference. You should know that YOU hold the power to heal your pain – you just have to take the steps to make it happen.

Now is YOUR time.

Join me on your pathway to recovery!

Here’s what else you get with the 4-Weeks to Natural Migraine Relief Course


4 Audio/Video Recordings




Email and text support


Slide decks of topics


1 FREE 30 minute strategy call with me

As part of the program you will have access to recordings to guide you through your journey to health – forever! These audio/video recordings will show you in detail how to pinpoint your triggers and symptoms, and you’ll learn all about the natural migraine solutions that will dramatically alter your “migraine life” by providing you with new strategies and options to transform your life.



Bonus #1:

A shopping list and specific recipes to help you learn how to embark on a migraine-friendly eating plan.  (Value: $97)

Bonus #2:

Our own personal and private Facebook group so that you can ask questions, receive encouragement and support on a daily basis.

Bonus #3:

“The Ultimate Migraine Handbook: “An Holistic Approach to Migraine Relief.” (Value: $9)


Bonus #4:

Free headache diary and headache journal.  (Value: $19)

Bonus #5:

Email & text support so you can ask questions, ask for additional support, or just check in to see how things are going. You will not be alone through this program – it’s my wish to support you in every way possible. (Value: $100)

Total Bonus Value: $547

I participated in a Natural Migraine Remedies program held by Holistic Health & Wellness and found it to be very informative.  I had no idea there were so many kinds of migraines!  I learned a lot about migraine triggers and solutions, as well as daily lifestyle changes that can help to avoid migraines. I have known Lynne for many years and know she has a passion for what she is doing. I highly recommend her program to anyone suffering with migraine, and trust her completely to be of great help those who seek out her expertise.”

April (Program Participant)

You are NOT in this alone!

With everything included, my figures show that this life-changing course has an actual real-life value of over $597. And for the relief it helps you find, that would be worth every single penny and more.

But here’s the thing – I can’t sit by and watch anyone suffer for lack of time or funds. I’m on a mission to getting this information out to everyone who I know it can help at the lowest rate possible – so I am gifting YOU this life-changing course for only $47.

A single payment.


I can’t make it any easier. Now it’s up to you. You have absolutely nothing to lose and your best life to regain.

“I suffered from migraines at least weekly, often more frequently. Lynne has provided me with some great tips to help head off or relieve my migraines without medication through stretching, exercises, diet and even essential oils. She is very knowledgeable and taking her advice has definitely improved my quality of life.”

Dixie Brady

Migraine relief in just 4 weeks…

… starting today.


Happiness Guarantee

I have held nothing back in creating this program for you. I want you to live a happier, more vibrant, pain free life so I’m giving you all the tools and support you need to start your path to a healthier lifestyle. It is my personal guarantee to you that you will be able to recognize at least one migraine trigger during this program and you will be able to implement a natural solution for that trigger. Because I want you to experience the amazing results possible in this program, once the program materials have been sent out, there are no refunds. I have created this policy so that we are both accountable for your success. I am here to support you every step of the way!